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Elevate your brand with high-quality video content from our team! Our experts specialize in creating captivating commercials, engaging social media videos, and trendy Instagram Reels, either shot on iPhone or with our other gear. 

Our Services:

1. Commercials:

Transform your brand narrative into captivating stories with our professional commercial production services. Our creative expertise will bring your brand to life on screen, delivering impactful and deliver a memorable commercial/ad that resonates with your audience.

2. Short Form (TikTok & Instagram):

Ride the wave of short-form content on TikTok and Instagram with our specialized production services. From trending challenges to engaging product features, we understand the dynamics of these platforms and tailor content that not only captures attention and improves the aesthetic of your overall content.

3. Personal Histories:

Dive into the world of storytelling with our Personal Histories service. Our team is dedicated to capturing the essence of individuals through thoughtfully crafted videos with The Memoir. Whether it’s preserving family legacies or commemorating personal achievements, we turn memories into timeless visual narratives.

4. Courses:

Enhance your online educational platform with our course production services. From filming engaging lessons to creating visually appealing course content, we collaborate with educators and businesses to transform knowledge into dynamic, shareable video formats.

5. Podcasts:

Step into the world of audio storytelling with our podcast production services. We provide end-to-end solutions, from recording and editing to packaging your content for a wider audience. Elevate your podcasting experience with our expertise in creating professional, engaging episodes.


$35/hr – Any Project

$200 – 1 hour of RAW footage editing

$1500 – Unlimited Video Editing Monthly Retainer

Custom Project – Contact us

$250-1300 – Day Rate (Depending on Project Scope)

Why Go with Local
Video Production?


No need for a large content production team. Our lean production services utilize iPhone videography. With this budget-friendly option, you get professional-grade content without breaking the bank for your business. 

Quick Turnaround:

With our streamlined process, your videos go from concept to completion swiftly, ensuring you stay ahead of trends and ahead of your competition.

Expertise Matters:

Our team consists of experienced professionals who understand the nuances of storytelling, cinematography, and the unique demands of each platform.

Tailored for Success:

Every video is crafted with your brand in mind. We customize our approach to ensure your message aligns perfectly with your brand identity.

Unlock the potential of your brand with Black Thorn Media. Contact us today to start creating stunning commercials, engaging social media videos, and viral TikToks that leave a lasting impact!


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Services we offer

Services we offer

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